Turned Pens by Marilyn Schwank

My daughter Marilyn had become quite interested in making turned pens in her spare time.  She has developed a good system for making them and is looking to market them, so I have decided to help her with that by offering them here on this web site.  Nearly all proceeds go to her; I only keep a token amount to cover fees incurred.

All pens use a standard Cross style refill that is easily replaceable.  The mechanism works by twisting the pen to extend the writing tip. The wood is finished with CA glue, which provides a very hard durable coating that stands up well to the extensive handling these pens get. Wood species vary a good bit, and are both domestic and exotic varieties.  (It’s a good way to use up some of my offcuts.) We are starting with three; purpleheart, persimmon, and Osage orange.  More will be coming soon, including black cherry and apple.  All are priced at $23 and are packed in a clear plastic tube. Available for purchase here.

From front: purpleheart, Osage orange, persimmon, and black cherry.

Osage orange will darken from a bright yellow to a honey color, as seen here.


Persimmon with satin gold hardware.


Purpleheart with chrome hardware.

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