The search for beech continues

Finding suitable beech for plane making has been an ongoing challenge.  We cut a large amount ourselves that we are air drying, but that will be some time before it will be dried enough to use.  In the meantime, a source of 4″ square European beech billets has been located.These are rift sawn, and it takes a good bit of work to get nice quarter sawn billets form them, but the reward is beautiful ray flecking on the quarter sawn faces. (One of the pieces of beech in the photo below shows how it would be cut to obtain a nicely quarter sawn smoother billet like the one in the foreground.)  European beech has more prominent flecking than American beech. A limited amount of this wood is suitable for larger billets such as jack and try plane stock. We also have secured wider stock for use as totes.   To learn more, click here.  To see current beech billet offerings, click here.

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  1. Andy Midd says:

    Interesting, here in the UK Beech is the cheapest and most available of hardwoods in most timber yards.

    Is there any other alternative in the US – does hard maple work? I just bought a hand screw clamp from Dubuque and that was in Maple…

    • Beech has attributes that make it the ideal wood to use for plane making (as seen in the link under the page Beech Billets for Plane Making) that I feel makes it a superior choice.

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