The Miter Jack Saw

Note: We are currently working to get the miter jack saw back on the market after the saw maker we were using ceased to make saws.  We hope to have them available again by mid 2024.  Sign up for our newsletter to be informed when the saw is again available.

We are pleased to introduce the miter jack saw, a tool meant to be used in conjunction with the miter jack vise. The design is unique as the saw is designed to be used in the horizontal plane to cut tenon shoulders and other trim work.  With the workpiece clamped in the miter jack, or a similar work holding device, both sides of a tenon shoulder can be cut in one set up, ensuring a gap free joint all around.  Angled tenons and half lap joints can also be easily cut, along with cutting miters on small parts.

A great example of how this saw can be used with a shop made tenoning frame can be found on the blog of Jeff Miller.   The tenoning frame works in a similar fashion as the miter jack for sawing purposes, and is pretty straight forward to build.

 The saw is 14″ long and double sided, with one side having a shallow cutting depth of 1/2″, and the other side cutting 1 1/2″ deep.  For tenon shoulders, being shallow in most cases, the 1/2″ depth can be used for maximum blade rigidity.   The saw plate is .025 thick, and filed at 13 ppi.  The teeth are set at a 30°  which allows it to cut equally well in either direction.  This is necessary when flipping the saw around to cut the opposite shoulder of a tenon.  Handles are maple, finished with two coats of Minwax Antique Oil finish. 

The saw has a 1/4″ thick spacer on the bottom to keep the blade up off the reference face.  A gauge block can easily be made the same thickness as the spacer.  Jeff Miller shows how he made one with a marking gauge cutter that works very well.  See link above for more details on Jeff’s approach.  Alternatively, the 45° corners on the saw plate can be used as a visual guide for setting the height. 

Price is $199.  

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  1. This saw was a French design. The proper name for it is a “Scie a Recaler Boite a Recaler”, or a “Trim Saw for use with a Mitre Jack”. I have one produced by Trempé Coulaux & Co., the offshoot of the company that used to make Napoleon’s swords.

  2. I really like your mission to bring some of the lesser known woodworking hand tools to the public. I have, and use, a French made miter jack saw paired with a mitre vise.They are two tools well worth purchasing. If I may, I would like to offer some constructive criticism. My saw handle, as your trempe`Coulaux & Co. does I believe, have profiled ends.It is only a visual change but makes the tool very attractive.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion for profiling the handle ends. We will look into making that change when we again get this saw back on the market. Currently we are sourcing a new supplier for the saw plates.

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