Tapered Molding Plane Irons

Out tapered molding plane irons are designed for those who are making their own molding planes or need a replacement iron for an existing plane. They are made by the same supplier to the same specs as the plane irons we use in our own planes.  They are made of O-1 tool steel, and are not hardened.  This allows for shaping and beveling of the iron in the soft state without needing to worry about ruining the temper by overheating.  The irons are 1/8″ thick at the cutting edge and taper to 1/16″ thick at the tang end.  The full width portion is 2″ long.  Widths are sized for common hollow and round planes, with extra material to allow for grinding to final width when fitting to the plane body.  Below is a listing of hollow and round sizes and the appropriate iron needed.  They will of course work for most any profiled molding plane needs.

  • #1 and #2       1/4″ iron
  • #3 and #4       3/8″ iron
  • #5 and #6       1/2″ iron
  • #7 and #8       5/8″ iron
  • #9 and #10     3/4″ iron
  • #11 and #12   7/8″ iron
  • #13 and #14   1-1/8″  iron
  • #15 and #16   1-3/8″ iron
  • #17 and #18   1-5/8″ iron


We also offer tapered rabbet plane irons that are similar to the molding plane irons except that the tang is centered in the blade width.   The irons are machined to the advertised widths shown below, so if making a plane sized for the iron, no additional material will need to be ground off the sides.  As with the molding plane irons, these are not heat treated.

  • 5/8″
  • 3/4″
  • 7/8″
  • 1″
  • 1-1/4″