Spill Planes in the Works

Today, finally, I was able to dig out my limited supply of steamed European Beech and get started on another batch of spill planes.  The beech looks like it came from two different trees, with one being more red than the other.  Both are wonderfully straight grained and clear, and at or near quarter sawn.  I’m not sure how long this wood has been dried, but I have had it for several years, and the person that sold it to me had it stored a while also.

This photo shows the perfect quartered grain in the lower piece, and the slightly radial grain in the upper piece.  Also note the light spalting grain in the lower piece.  because the spill plane is almost square in cross section,  quarter sawn wood is not as important for stability, but I get it as close as I can.

Here are the blanks cut out.  The spill planes are now available!  If you are interested, please visit the tools page to purchase.


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