Spill Plane Plan Kit available now.

For those who wish to make their own spill plane, but lacked both the plans and the ability to manufacture a blade, Red Rose Reproductions now offers a package that supplies everything the user needs to make their own, except for the wood blank.  The full size plans are copies of a hand drawn “C” size (18″x 24″)  print.  This includes the plane body, wedge, and for those interested in making their own, the blade.  Also included are six color photos of various aspects of the plane, and three pages of construction notes intended to help guide the builder through the process. The blade, made of O-1 tool steel, is hardened and sharpened for immediate use.  Nine solid brass screws, used to fasten the left face to the body, round out the kit.  While not step by step instructions, all of the relevant information to build the plane is included.  We suggest intermediate to advanced woodworking skills for this project.  Price for the complete kit with blade is $69, and is available here.

For those who wish to order the plans only, this option is available at check out.  Also, the blades are available separately for those who would like to make  additional planes, although we would suggest building one plane the first time to work through the process.  They make a very unique gift, even to those who are not woodworkers. The spills themselves are fun to give away, and make great mantle decorations. For more information on the spill plane, see the post here.  To order the plans, click here.  For tips on building the spill plane, click here.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Spill Plane plan kit

6 Responses to Spill Plane Plan Kit available now.

  1. Jeannette Daugherty says:

    I wondered how much the plans and blade are, my husband has been talking about making one… thank you

  2. Mick Danielson says:

    Are your plans available to post to the UK?

    • Hello Mick,
      The plan kit, along with all of my tools, can be shipped internationally. You can purchase directly from my wed site store and the exchange and shipping will be calculated there.

  3. steve bien says:

    how important is the float? any workarounds for that tool?

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