Rabbet Plane

Rabbet, or rebate planes, are used to cut rabbets along the edge or a board, often as a precursor to using hollow and rounds. While still considered a side escapement plane, they do differ from most other molding planes with the design of the escapement.  Because the iron extents across the entire sole of the plane, the escapement is conical and also through the entire plane, and will help direct the shavings out the side.  Ours are “off the bench” in design, meaning that the shavings will eject out the left side of the plane (On a right handed version.) and onto the floor rather than the bench top.  We typically bed the iron at 50 degrees since these planes are meant more for heavy stock removal and can be set quite aggressive.  When making moldings, 80% or more of the material may be removed with this plane before switching to hollow and rounds or other shaped profiles.  Rabbet planes are easy to sharpen and it makes sense to use it for the bulk of the stock removal.

With no fence or depth stock, they are very simple and nimble planes to use.  The users fingers can extend below the sole and act as a fence.  The plane can also be tilted to allow the corner to ride in a marking gauge line to start a cut for the first couple of passes, which establishes a fillet to continue to guide the plane.  As an option, we make these planes with a boxed corner along the right side which will extend the life of the sharp corner for engaging the marking gauge lines.  The boxing is persimmon, and is cut on a bias so the grain is running at the same angle as the bed of the plane, meaning that the grain along the edge is mostly end grain.

The irons are tapered O-1 tool steel, hardened to Rc 60-62, the same as our other planes. They are thicker than the usual 1/8″ by about 1/32″ to give more rigidity in heavy cuts.

We offer widths of 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1″.  All can be made with or without boxing.  Price for an unboxed rabbet plane is $220, with boxed planes being $250.  Available in the store here.

5/8″ and 7/8″, both boxed and unboxed

5/8″, 7/8″, and 1″

Both boxed and unboxed corners available.

Conical escapement.

10 Responses to Rabbet Plane

  1. Craig Hughel says:

    Hello Dan,
    Yesterday I received my 1″ rebate plane. It arrived in perfect condition and it’s beautiful, almost to beautiful to use, but use it I will. I really appreciate you craftsmanship and your attention to detail. I will definitely be showing it off to my fellow woodworkers and hopefully you will have more business.
    Again, thank you. I look forward to your future endeavors.
    Best Regards,
    Craig Hughel

  2. Gabriel Roper says:

    I am very pleased with my rabbit plane! I am a plane maker myself (just starting out) and I needed a custom sized rabbit plane right in the middle of a build. Thankfully,I caught Dan right in the middle of building a run of rabbits and he was able to squeeze me in with the others. It arrived when promised, and packaged very professionally; I doubt the post office could have hurt it if they tried.
    It was ready to use right out of the box, sharp, fettled, and set. (I only know of one other plane maker who does that. )
    It worked beautifully! I was able to unpack it and immediately finish my build with no fuss. I highly recommend Red Rose, and am proud to stable his planes in my shop.

  3. Joe Williams says:

    I normally like skewed but when I saw Dan had some for sale I could not help myself. Just based on the quality of his work I knew it would be something special and it is.

    Just absolutely gorgeous and even the sharpness of the iron is something I just cannot replicate yet.

    Have used it about an hour and already I see my other rabbets being shelved. Thanks Dan!

  4. Austin Papp says:

    I received my 7/8” rabbet plane from Dan a week or so ago, and it’s truly a joy to use, and expertly crafted. Now I’m scouring his site to see what I’m going to purchase next.

  5. Scott Gates says:

    Hey Dan,
    Scott from Australia, Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been soo happy with the quality of all the purchases I’ve made thus far (Mainly wood blanks). However the 5/8 boxed rabbet plane I ordered arrived today, put it to use straight away. Blown away by not only the craftsmanship in the tool itself (Honestly this thing is perfect, I was admiring it for 20mins after I opened the box), but also how well it performs. I’m very glad to support you in what you’re doing.
    Keep up the good work!

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