Plane Hammer

Sterling Tool Works plane hammer available here

Sterling Tool Works makes perhaps the finest plane adjusting hammer available today, and Red Rose Reproductions is pleased to offer this fine tool in our store.  This is a tool meant to adjust the set of the iron and set the wedge in a traditional wooden plane, such as the planes made by Red Rose.  The brass head is used to tap the iron, and the wooden head to set the wedge.  This will minimize damage to the plane as would occur when using a steel hammer.  The black nylon head, used to set the wedges on planes is threaded in place, and is nearly indestructible.  Made of a brass alloy and Black Walnut, with a threaded stainless steel stud for securing the  nylon head.   Price is $140.

Please note: This tool in not intended for striking nails or for aggressive hammering. This hammer  is used extensively here in the manufacturing and tuning of our planes. 

Also, the photos show the original discontinued wooden head option, which had been replaced with the nylon head, which is much more durable.

 Made in the USA. Highly recommended.

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