Panel Raising Planes under way

After a longer delay than I liked, the panel raiser planes are getting started.  It took a while to track down appropriate wood for these planes.  Finding 12/4 quarter sawn American Beech is a challenge, but I now have enough to make several batches of these planes. I am also making several changes from the original design that I feel will be an improvement to their performance and comfort.  The blades will be 5/32″ thick, up from 1/8″.  The bed angle is increasing to 45 degrees, from 40 degrees, which will help improve the finish on the long grain sides of a panel.  The body will be slightly taller, with a more sculpted back for greater use comfort. Unfortunately,  I had to raise the price to cover additional costs and time to make.  The new price is $595.

Shown here are the blanks rough cut and acclimating to the shop environment.  I will be making these in small batches of ten at a time because of the complexity and time involved.  If anyone wants to reserve a copy, please let me know.  No money down, and no obligation, but it does ensure one is available when completed.

Beech blanks for panel raiser planes.

Beech blanks for panel raiser planes.

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