Panel Raising Plane

 The  Panel Raising Plane is made from time to time in small batches. Price is $750 plus shipping. We will offer pre-orders directly from our store once there is a delivery date determined.

The panel raising plane has undergone some evolutionary changes to its design since we first made them. The changes from previous runs include the following:

  • The iron thickness has increased at the cutting edge to 3/16″ from 5/32″, and will be professionally heat treated.
  • Redesign of the throat geometry, including an adjusted wear angle and refinements to the shape of the wedge fingers to enhance shaving ejection.
  • Cosmetic changes to the wedge and the addition of a cove along the right side of the plane.
  • Refined nicker and wedge design.
  • The profile remains unchanged.
  • Switch to European beech, which is more readily available in nice clear grain.


Below are a few photos of the prototype. (In American beech.)This plane will cut a 1/8″ deep fillet around the field of a panel, along with a 1 3/8″ wide bevel that slopes down to the last 3/8″, which then becomes a 1/4″ thick tang that will fit into the groove of the stiles and rails in the frame. When inserted into a frame, the reveal will be 1″. The plane includes a depth stop along both sides of the profile for consistent results, and will stop cutting when final depth is reached. It is designed for use with 3/4″ thick stock.

A nicker improves cross grain cutting. With a blade bedded at 45 deg and skewed at 30 deg, it will cut cleanly on both long and end grain. The plane is different from most panel planes in that it is only 10″ long; similar in length to molding planes. Being shorter is an advantage when raising short or narrow panels, as it is easier to control. Because the panel would already be flat, the extra length is not needed. The back is contoured for the user’s palm to sit comfortably when pushing. Iron is made of tapered O-1 tool steel. The wood used is quarter sawn European Beech, finished with Minwax Antique Oil Finish and paste wax.

4 Responses

  1. Well I’m impressed. This is an amazing plane. It cuts like I’m cutting through butter and it actually works! This made my day or week even. I only had to make minor iron adjustments probably due to the differences on humidity there and here where it’s drier.
    I’m glad I bought this and may consider other planes in the future.
    Thank you and my hats off to you.

  2. I just dusted off a panel raiser that I bought a number of years back and had good success with it. I made some beautiful black walnut panels for a small project and I can say enough good things about the plane. Very well made, easy to use and cuts nicely through both end-grain and long grain.

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