Miter Jack Engineered Drawings

The Miter Jack is a fixture that is a combination of a vise and shooting board, and is a tool we produce from time to time.  We now are offering full scale engineered drawings for those wishing to make their own.  These are copies of hand drawn prints and include all components with full dimensions.  There are three D size  (24″ x 36″ )sheets, along with a half dozen color photos showing various details of an assembled miter jack. One of the sheets is an assembly with all components labeled and all hardware itemized. We ship the plan kit rolled up in a tube so there are no folds.  Price is $50 plus shipping.

Benchcrafted sells a hardware kit for the miter jack, which can be found here. They also have an excellent build procedure on their blog.  

Lake Erie Toolworks sells a wood screw and nut block blank with the threaded hole already cut.  They are made of hard maple and can be purchased here.  Or, the Beall 1 1/4″ Threader Kit from Lee Valley can be used to create your own threaded parts.

We recommend both of these products, as they are of the highest quality. 


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  1. I don’t have a tail vise on my bench and I am wondering if the Miter Jack Engineered could work for me? I really like the concept and the vise looks elegant and very useful. Thank you

    1. The vise is designed to fit tight against the front of a workbench, and most of the holding power is provided not by a tail vise, but rather a holdfast. For most work that should be sufficient.

  2. I built this mostly using hand tools from Dan’s plans and the Benchcrafted hardware kit although I turned and threaded my own screw. I would suggest using machinery and buying the screw 🙂 Mine works, I use it quite a bit (mostly the 90 degree side) and built a saw to use with it for cutting tenons. Pop it on the bench, tap in a holdfast and go. Mine sits under the left side of my bench on its side for easy grab and use. The plans were detailed and easy to use. I made it much harder on myself using only hand tools: a table saw and miter saw or bandsaw would have made for less work in making sure everything is planer and the angles are exact.

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