“Milkman’s” workbench pre-orders now open

We are starting another run of the milkman’s workbench with anticipated delivery late 2018 or early 2019. The benches come complete with vice screws, garter, two wooden dogs, mounting brackets, and jaw liner. Additional information about them can be found here. Total bench cost is $495 plus shipping. To reserve a bench, simply purchase the $100 down payment from the store.  Shipping will be added at this time also, making it easier upon completion for us to finalize the orders by sending an invoice for the remaining balance of $395.

One Response to “Milkman’s” workbench pre-orders now open

  1. Mike Higgins says:

    I built three of these a while back for myself and family members and made them ambidextrous. I attached angle iron for clamping them down but made sure I centered the screws on the edge of the bench. This allows you to remove the screws, flip the angle 180 degrees, and reattach it. Flip the bench over clamp it down and it’s set up for a lefty. I hope they will become heirlooms, and as such, I don’t know how many times they may be passed down to left or right handed users.

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