“Milkman’s” Workbench Plans and Kit

In addition to the complete portable “Milkman’s” workbench, we are now offering full size engineered drawings and a kit for those wanting to build their own. Details are as follows:

The Plans

The plans are full scale copies of hand drawn prints and include a complete assembly and all components with full dimensions. There are two D size (24″ x 36″) sheets along with a half dozen color photos showing various details of an assembled workbench. One sheet is an assembly with all components labeled and all hardware is itemized.  We ship the plan kit rolled up in a tube so there are no folds.  Price is $40 plus shipping.

The Kit

The kit includes the following:

  • The plans and photos, as described above.
  • Three wood screws for the vises made of hard maple by Acer-Ferrous Toolworks. These are designed to work with the 1 1/4″ tap made by the Beall Tool Company, as seen here. The tap will be needed to thread the holes in your bench components.
  • Two angle iron mounting brackets, with holes pre-drilled and ready to mount.
  • Two round bench dogs to fit 3/4″ diameter holes. These dogs are made of hickory and have ball detents installed to keep them in place.
  • All hardware for assembling the bench. The mounting bracket screws are slotted flat head screws for better aesthetics. (The other screws will be covered with plugs so will not be visible.)
  • Cork neoprene gasket material for lining the jaws and enhancing the gripping power of the vises. A small piece is included to add to the dogs if desired.

    The only items that will need to be supplied is the wood for the bench and the Beall tap described above, along with glue and contact cement for the jaw liner. Price for the full kit is $175 plus shipping.

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    1. Hello.My name is Hakan and I am from Turkey. I am interested in your plans. I would like to buy some of them but since shipment is extra cost I want to ask you if I buy the digital copy since it is easier for me to get.
      Thank you in advance.
      Best Regards,


    2. Hola
      Escribo desde Santiago de Chile y tambien me interesa una copia digital de los planos para imprimir aca. Es posible?

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