International Ordering

One of the downsides of shipping outside of the United States is the high cost of shipping. While we have no control of that, we can offer a better priced option if certain conditions are met. By using first class mail instead of Priority mail, significant savings can be realized, usually cutting the cost by more than half. However, the first class mail option is only available if the package is less than 4 pounds and values at less than $400. Fortunately, many of our products fall within these restrictions. We do not offer this option in our check out because there is not an effective way to only offer it to eligible purchases only. The work around is to work directly with us via email, stating what your interested in, and we will quote a first class mail price. If it’s agreeable, we will then invoice via PayPal, which can be paid for with most credit cards. We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope the potential savings will make it worthwhile.