Hollow and Rounds

Red Rose Reproductions makes hollow and round planes generally by order.  Stocking the various sizes is not practical.  If interested, contact us and we will give an estimated date for delivery. 

 The number corresponds to the radius profile in sixteenths of an inch.  (This works up to #12, then graduates in 1/4″ increments.)  These planes are based on the designs by Old Street Tool, who in turn were influenced by early British moulding planes, with their bold chamfers and coves, taller grip, and round finials.  The tapered irons, made of hardened and tempered O-1 tool steel  are bedded at 50 or 55 degrees.  Overall length is 10″. Our planes are made of quarter sawn beech, as were most originals.  Sold as a matched pair, they are priced at $425.

We run these planes in by order fairly regularly, and would encourage any interested customers to contact us with requested sizes. We can make any size from #2 to #18, and a choice of 50 or 55 degree bed angles. We can also make left handed planes. Shown above are some details of the hollow and round planes we produce. (Some pictured are made of black cherry, a wood we used before securing a supply of beech.)

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