Side Escapement Plans and Kits

We now have full size engineered drawings for the various side escapement planes available for purchase. These are copies of hand drawn prints done using traditional drafting techniques. Each size includes all necessary dimensions for constructing your own planes.

  • Hollow and Rounds Sizes available are #4 (1/4″ radius), #6 (3/8″ radius), #8 (1/2″ radius), #10 (5/8″ radius), and #12 (3/4″ radius).
  • 7/8″ Rabbet plane  Boxing dimensions are included if so desired.
  • Drawer bottom plane kit.  This kit includes full size plans,  an O-1 tool steel iron, a two piece skate, plus mounting screws.  The iron is machined to size but will need to be heat treated and sharpened.  (See photo below.)

These are not instructions on how to construct these tools. For information on that, We recommend the DVD Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes, by Larry Williams, that is available from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Or better yet, sign up for one of our classes on making hollow and rounds for a three day immersion into plane making.

We have tapered irons for each size of plane, which can be found here. We also offer quarter sawn beech billets for these planes. Sizes needed for each size are listed below.

  • #4, 3/4″ billet
  • #6 3/4″ billet
  • #8 1″ billet
  • #10 1″ billet
  • #12 1 1/4″ billet
  • 7/8″ Rabbet, 1″ billet
  • Drawer Bottom, 1 1/4″ billet

The photo above shows the layout of the #4 size before dimensions and notes where added. All sizes are of similar layout.  Each print is 11 1/2″ by 17″.

Price per print is $15. We are offering a special price of $65 for the full set of five prints. They may be purchased by clicking the button below.

Hollow and Round Plans

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