Cooper Plane

The cooper plane is a small hand plane meant to work concave surfaces, such as the inside of coopered vessels. This plane was designed with input from a cooper who wanted a plane to work the inside surfaces of wooden buckets, but will find applications in other areas also. With a 3″ convex sole, it will smooth and contour curves down to 6″ in diameter. At just 6 1/2″ in length and with its low profile design, it fits comfortably in one hand, and can work inside round vessels with ease. The 3/16″ thick O-1 tool steel iron is held in place with a brass cap iron and screw, making for fast, easy blade adjustments. Iron width is 1 3/8″. The one piece body is made of quarter sawn European beech. The heel is contoured for user comfort. It is sharp and ready to go out of the box. Price is $210 plus shipping

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