Compass Attachment for our Dividers

Our dividers can now be converted to a compass for drawing arcs and circles using the compass attachment.  To convert, one of the points is unscrewed from the dividers and replaced with the mounting bracket and screw. The second screw secures a wood pencil in place. The attachment is universal, and will fit on either divider size. Two pencils are included, one each of a #2 and #3.  The core of the number three is harder and will wear slower, so a fine line is maintained for a longer period of use.  Being harder, the line left by the #3 will be lighter.  For darker lines, use the #2 pencil.  The pencils were made for us by Musgrave Pencil in Shelbyville, TN, USA.

The attachment parts are made of steel and precision machined for a precise fit onto the divider arm.  The screws are knurled so no tools are needed to switch between functions other than a vise with wood or lined jaws to grasp the point when removing from the divider arm.

The attachment is available as a separate accessory for $32.  In addition to the bracket, screws, and two pencils, a replacement box insert with cut outs for the bracket and screws  will be provided to replace the original for those who already have the dividers.  This will keep all components together and minimize misplacement.

The dividers and attachment are also available as a set, with a savings of $10 when purchased together.  Both can be found using the button below.