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Restock of Bench Hooks & Spill Planes

Bench hooks are back in stock with both right and left hand available.  Made of soft maple, bench hooks are used for small sawing or paring jobs at the bench with no need for clamps.  More information about bench hooks can be found here.  Purchase here for $50 a pair

Also, we now have a variety of spill planes with different species and figure.  Sill planes are a tool lovers favorite and can rapidly produce large quantities of tapered wood shavings called spills that were used in colonial days to transfer a flame from the hearth to a candle or pipe. Moe about these unique planes can be found here.  In the store for purchase here.  Price ranges from $135 to $145, depending on wood species.

Bench hooks, foreground, in both left and right hand, and spill planes in a variety of woods.

Right and left hand bench hooks.

Beech Billets again in stock

After a rather lengthy delay, we have been able to restock the large bench plane billets for making smooth, jack, and try planes.  This wood has been dried the same way as the previous beech, and the only difference id there is heart wood present on some billets.  This is only a cosmetic difference, with the sap wood being a much more brown in color.  The characteristics of the wood remain the same. Wedge stock comes with all sizes, and tote stock with the try and jack billets.  More information about these billets can be found here.  Tapered irons for making planes are also available and can be found here.

Beech is notoriously difficult to dry without waste, and this run was no exception.  These billets are limited in number, and restocking is unpredictable.  Our goal is still to produce a reasonably steady supply moving forward.

Try, jack, and smoother billets ready to go.

Billets are at or near quarter sawn.


Winding Sticks out of stock

Due to the recent blog post by Chris Schwarz on the Poplar Woodworking web site, there has been a surge in sales of winding sticks and current stock is depleted.  We will be making more, but it could be a couple of months before completion.  Signing up for our newsletter will allow anyone interested to know when they are again in stock as soon as it happens.  Thank you all for your support and patience.


Newsletter now available

As a means to inform customers of upcoming products and offers, we are now offering the Red Rose Reproductions Newsletter.  This newsletter will be an occasional occurrence, only issued when there is news about soon to be offered tools, and will not clutter your inbox with junk.  It is designed to give you, a valued subscriber, a first chance to reserve a copy of sometimes limited tools.  Sign up now to be one of the first to know what is coming!

Below is a screenshot of part of the first newsletter we published.

International Shipping

Red Rose reproductions is pleased to now have an international shipping option available for those residing outside the United States.  In the check out process, the buyer is able to select their country, and the rest, including shipping and exchange rates, will be calculated automatically.  If anyone experiences problems with this option, please contact us for assistance so we can be sure everything is working properly.  We look forward to expanding our market into new areas and thank you in advance for your support and interest in our products.  It is this interest and input from customers that keeps new product ideas flowing.

Lie-Nielsen This Weekend

Come and see our tools and take them for a test drive this Friday and Saturday at the Lie-Nielsen open house.  I will be offering the Panel Raising Plane for sale at this show, along with my other tools.  Also, I am planning to do a run of Hollows and Rounds in quarter sawn cherry, #4, 6, and 8, to be sold in pairs.  Other sizes are in the future. I have samples to show, and will be taking pre-orders at the show.  Price $395 a pair.  Hope to see you there!

Panel Raising Plane with a sample cut.

Panel Raising Plane with a sample cut.


A New Publication

It is with great anticipation that I am waiting for a new magazine, published by Joshua Klein to make its debut this coming winter.  Mortise & Tenon, projected to be printed annually, is meant to bring together the  furniture maker,  conservator, and scholar into one publication, sharing the history, construction and preservation of early American furniture.  What will make this magazine stand out of the crowded field of current woodworking publications now available is the singular approach to the subject, with a clean layout uncluttered with ads and well written, thorough  articles. To me, it will be a breath of fresh air to experience a publication of this caliber, and I believe to many others who are hungry for this kind of information that is not available anywhere else.

Joshua has taken the approach of using sponsor partnerships in lieu of advertisers, all of which are selected by their relevancy to the core mission of M&T.  Red Rose Reproductions is pleased and honored to have been selected as a sponsor for the debut issue number one.  Sign up for email updates and pre-order information here.

Panel Raiser out of Stock

The Panel Raising Plane is currently out of stock, but there are a few more in the works that should be finished this month.  These are highly labor intensive, and I am not sure just when another batch will be completed beyond these.  If you have an interest, contact me and I will reserve it for you when completed.  Read more about this plane here.  Thank you for your patience.

Upcoming Shows

Red Rose Reproductions is pleased to announce our first tool shows this spring.  The first will be a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Fredrick MD on May 1 & 2 at Exotic Lumber inc.  The following Saturday, May 9, will also be a Hand Tool Event at Peters Valley School of Craft.   Please note we will only be there on Saturday.  Stop by to say hello and give our tools a try.  We are hoping to have our next tool offering to be available at this time.  Hope to see you there!

A New Venture

Welcome to Red Rose Reproductions, a new direction for what was formerly Daniel Schwank, Furniture Maker.  I have found my interest growing in the production of hand tools, and felt the time was right to concentrate on that aspect of the business.  I have a number of product ideas that are being implemented as time allows.  I hope to add several tools in the coming year, and will be keeping this blog and web site informed of my progress.  Eventually, I hope to attend shows with my products, but am focusing on the product line at this time.  Feel free to leave comments about this site and products.  It is appreciated.

Daniel Schwank