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Cooper Plane

The cooper plane is a small hand plane meant to work concave surfaces, such as the inside of coopered vessels. This plane was designed with input from a cooper who wanted a plane to work the inside surfaces of wooden buckets, but will find applications in other areas also.  With a 3″ convex sole, it will smooth and contour curves down to 6″ in diameter.  At just 6 1/2″ in length and with its low profile design, it fits comfortably in one hand, and can work inside round vessels with ease.  The 3/16″ thick O-1 tool steel iron is held in place with a brass cap iron and screw, making for fast, easy blade adjustments.  Iron width is 1 3/8″.  The one piece body is made of quarter sawn European beech. The heel is contoured for user comfort.  It is sharp and ready to go out of the box.  Price is $195 plus shipping, and may be ordered here.

Rounded heel for user comfort
Sample of concave work piece

Brass lever cap
Concave sole
Compact size

The Drawer Bottom Plane

A common method of drawer construction is to plow grooves into the drawer sides and front to capture the drawer bottom, which is then slid in from the back. The drawer bottom plane is a dedicated fixed plow plane to do cut these grooves quickly and easily with minimal set up. It cuts a groove 1/4″ wide and 1/4″ deep, inset from the edge 1/4″. The fence and depth stop are fixed so cuts are consistent and repeatable. This plane employs a steel skate for long life, and this skate engages into a groove in the back of the iron to ensure it locates to the same setting when the iron is removed from the plane. It is adjusted the same as any other side escapement plane except for the fact the iron locates on the skate rather than the blind side of the mortise. The iron is O-1 tool steel and is bedded at 50 degrees, enabling heavy cuts to be taken if desired. Made of quarter sawn beech. Price is $295, and may be purchased here. Like all of our planes, it is sharp and ready to use right out of the box.

Drawer bottom plane with sample cut
Detail of steel skate and iron
Heel stamping
Sample groove

Hollow and Round Plans in stock now.

We now have full size engineered drawings for the most common hollow and round planes available for purchase. These are copies of hand drawn prints done using traditional drafting techniques. Each size includes all necessary dimensions for constructing your own planes. Sizes available are #4 (1/4″ radius), #6 (3/8″ radius), #8 (1/2″ radius), #10 (5/8″ radius), and #12 (3/4″ radius).

These are not instructions on how to construct these tools. For information on that, We recommend the DVD Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes, by Larry Williams, that is available from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Or better yet, sign up for one of our classes on making hollow and rounds for a three day immersion into plane making.

Plans are to introduce tapered irons specifically for these hollow and rounds in the near future. At this time, price has not yet been determined for these irons. Meanwhile, irons can also be purchased from Lie-Nielsen. We also offer quarter sawn beech billets for these planes. Sizes needed for each size are listed below.

  • #4, 3/4″ billet
  • #6 3/4″ billet
  • #8 1″ billet
  • #10 1″ billet
  • #12 1 1/4″ billet

The photo below shows the layout of the #4 size before dimensions and notes where added. All sizes are of similar layout.

Price per print is $15. We are offering a special price of $65 for the full set of five prints. They may be purchased here.

#4 Hollow and Round print ready for dimensions and notes.
Drawings available for five sizes of hollow and rounds.

Upcoming class: An Introduction to Hollow & Rounds

With no fences of depth stops, hollow and rounds can seem a bit intimidating to use.  In reality, once the user understands the underlying principles of their use, moldings can be produced with confidence. This class is designed to show the user how to approach making moldings using a rabbet plane and a couple of sizes of hollow and rounds.   Understanding the basic concept and planning the series of cuts needed is the key.  Once understood, this concept can then be applied to any molding design, regardless of the complexity.  In this class we will first cover maintaining a proper cutting edge to ensure top performance of the planes. (This will NOT be a class on restoring old planes; that is a subject far beyond the scope presented here.)  We will then move into working a few basic molding profiles with a single element, and advance from there with more complex profiles using two or more arcs of specific sizes.   Emphasis will be on using #6 and #10 hollow and rounds, although student will have the opportunity to try other sizes.

Class size will be limited to 6 students, for more individual instruction time.  Tuition is $350, plus a material fee of $60, for a total of $410.  I will be providing planes for student use, but those with performing planes are encouraged to bring their own.   Some of the planes will then be available for purchase at the end of class.  Wood for making molding will also be provided, along with sticking boards for each student.

The dates for this class are April 27-28, 2019, from 9 am to 5 pm both days. It will be held at Olde Mill Cabinet Shopppe, located at 1660 Camp Betty Washington Road, York PA 17402.  A map is provided here.  This venue is larger than my own shop and will provide ample room and bench space for everyone.

Required tools include the following:

  • Plane hammer, with a brass and wooden head for adjusting the planes. I have Sterling Tool Works hammers available for sale.
  • Marking gauge.  A wheel type, such as Tite-Mark, is recommended.
  • Circle template.
  • Small square
  • Small bevel gauge.

To sign up, click here.  A down payment of $150 will be required at the time of sign up to hold your place in the class.  This will be applied toward the total class cost of $410.  This is nonrefundable if canceled less than three weeks before class.  Balance of $260 will be due on first day of class.

“Milkman’s” Workbenches Now in Stock

We have completed another run of the milkman’s workbenches that are now available in our store.  The benches come complete with vice screws, garter, two wooden dogs, mounting brackets, and jaw liner. One left handed bench is also available.   Additional information about them can be found here. Total bench cost is $495 plus shipping.


Turned Pens by Marilyn Schwank

My daughter Marilyn had become quite interested in making turned pens in her spare time.  She has developed a good system for making them and is looking to market them, so I have decided to help her with that by offering them here on this web site.  Nearly all proceeds go to her; I only keep a token amount to cover fees incurred.

All pens use a standard Cross style refill that is easily replaceable.  The mechanism works by twisting the pen to extend the writing tip. The wood is finished with CA glue, which provides a very hard durable coating that stands up well to the extensive handling these pens get. Wood species vary a good bit, and are both domestic and exotic varieties.  (It’s a good way to use up some of my offcuts.) We are starting with three; purpleheart, persimmon, and Osage orange.  More will be coming soon, including black cherry and apple.  All are priced at $23 and are packed in a clear plastic tube. Available for purchase here.

From front: purpleheart, Osage orange, persimmon, and black cherry.

Osage orange will darken from a bright yellow to a honey color, as seen here.


Persimmon with satin gold hardware.


Purpleheart with chrome hardware.

In stock tools

With our product line growing, we wanted to give a rundown of our current inventory of tools available for immediate purchase.  Here is a partial listing of in stock merchandise.


  • Currently we have a full selection of side bead planes in sizes 3/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″, and 1/8″.  These planes are one of the most common as a bead can be used in so many applications.
  • We also have the cock bead plane, which is more specialized  in its use.  See the link for more details, along with a video showing how they are used.  3/16″ and 1/8″ available.
  • Match planes are used for tongue and groove joints, and are sold in pairs.  Currently we have the 1/2″ size in stock.
  • We still have a few spill planes, along with the plan kit to build your own.

Winding sticks, available in 14″ and 22″ lengths.

Bench hooks, right and left handed.

Plane Hammer, by Sterling Tool Works.

Acer Ferrous Products.

Plane Making.

  •  Quarter sawn beech billets in a variety of sizes, including wedge and, if applicable, tote stock.
  • Tapered irons, with and without cap iron slots.
  • Cap irons, which fit our tapered irons, for double iron planes.

Rabbet planes are coming soon, and orders will soon be accepted for the Milkman’s Workbench.  Sign up for our newsletter to get notified of any new tool releases!

From left: Cock bead planes, 3/16″ & 1/8″, and side bead planes, 3/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″, & 1/8″.


Match Planes, 1/2″


Winding Sticks, 14″ & 22″


Acer-Ferrous Products, from front left: Milkman screws, Moxon kit, Leg vice screw, and stool kit.


Limited Run Leg Vice Screws

We currently have a limited number of Acer-Ferrous leg vice screws with black cherry and mahogany hubs.  Also, the tiger maple hub screws have been restocked.  All hubs are made from a single piece of wood and feature the same maple screw and nut as all other Acer-Ferrous screws.  It is doubtful there will be a repeat with the mahogany hubs, as these are genuine mahogany and this stock is not readily available in this thickness.  More information about the leg vice screws can be found here.   See them in our store here.

From left: Black cherry, Mahogany, Tiger maple

Black cherry hub

Mahogany hub

Tiger maple hub.

Gift Certificates now Available!

We are pleased to now offer gift certificates for any of the products in our store!  These digital gift certificates are purchased directly from our home page, or below in this post, and can be made out for any amount of $25 or greater.  Customers are able to email the gifted certificate directly to the recipient or to themselves, and can select a specific date/time for delivery, such as a birthday or holiday.  It can also be printed if so desired, and given in a traditional way.  Redeeming the cards is a simple matter of entering the code into the coupon code box when viewing the shopping bag.  It’s a great way to send or receive a gift from Red Rose Reproductions, and gives the recipient the choice of tools to purchase.  The gift certificates are redeemable on all products we carry, including the Acer-Ferrous line of wooden screws.




One pair of 3/8″ match planes available

We currently have one pair of 3/8″ match planes back in stock, along with several of the 1/2″ size.  These planes are used in pairs to create the tongue and groove joint, and the small sizes are well suited to furniture elements.  One plane cuts the tongue, and the other the groove.  More information can be found here.