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Hollow and Round Plans in stock now.

We now have full size engineered drawings for the most common hollow and round planes available for purchase. These are copies of hand drawn prints done using traditional drafting techniques. Each size includes all necessary dimensions for constructing your own planes. Sizes available are #4 (1/4″ radius), #6 (3/8″ radius), #8 (1/2″ radius), #10 (5/8″ radius), and #12 (3/4″ radius).

These are not instructions on how to construct these tools. For information on that, We recommend the DVD Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes, by Larry Williams, that is available from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Or better yet, sign up for one of our classes on making hollow and rounds for a three day immersion into plane making.

Plans are to introduce tapered irons specifically for these hollow and rounds in the near future. At this time, price has not yet been determined for these irons. Meanwhile, irons can also be purchased from Lie-Nielsen. We also offer quarter sawn beech billets for these planes. Sizes needed for each size are listed below.

  • #4, 3/4″ billet
  • #6 3/4″ billet
  • #8 1″ billet
  • #10 1″ billet
  • #12 1 1/4″ billet

The photo below shows the layout of the #4 size before dimensions and notes where added. All sizes are of similar layout.

Price per print is $15. We are offering a special price of $65 for the full set of five prints. They may be purchased here.

#4 Hollow and Round print ready for dimensions and notes.
Drawings available for five sizes of hollow and rounds.

Hollow and Rounds in stock

Currently we have several pairs of hollow and rounds in our store.  These are tuned and ready to go out of the box.  All are beech and bedded at 55 degrees.  Sizes available as of this post are #4 and #8.  This corresponds to radius sizes of 1/4″ and 1/2″. (The number of the plane is its radius in sixteenths of an inch.)  More information about our hollow and rounds can be found here.   Planes available for immediate purchase can be found in our store.

Of course, we can make any size for order too, in left or right hand, and bedded at 55 or 50 degrees..  Please contact us if interested.  Lead time is typically several months.

#8 hollow and round

#4 hollow and round


Fall Class Schedule

We have two dates set for our fall hollow and round plane making classes.  These are three day classes and will introduce the students to the art of making side escapement planes. Topics covered include cutting the mouth, excavating the mortise and fitting the wedge, and bedding the iron.  The sole is profiled and the iron ground to match.  Heat treating will be done also, along with sharpening and tuning the plane. Dates are as follows:

  • September 6-8. 2018
  • November 1-3, 2018

More information can be found here.

Hollow and Round Plane Making Classes

I again am offering classes for making a pair of #8 hollow and rounds.  Below is the class description and spring 2019 dates for these classes.  Note also I am also offering a class on using hollow and rounds. More information about that class can be seen here.

My shop is small so class is limited to three students per class.  Each is given their own work space and a “Milkman’s” bench to work at. (See photo of the bench below.)   These clamp on benches work beautifully and will hold the planes in any necessary position for the extensive hand work required.  These classes are  taught in a way that the student can go home and make more planes using the same techniques with minimal investment in tools or fixtures.  Emphasis is almost entirely on hand tools with the exception of a drill press to start the mortise and bench grinders to grind the profile onto the irons.  The primary goal is to complete the round in class.  This is then used to shape the hollow.  It may be possible to complete the hollow also, depending on the student and how class progresses.

We will be making the round plane first, starting with the billet and cutting the mouth with a back saw.  The mortise will be sunk in and the wedge fitted.  The iron is then bedded to ensure a good tight fit. Profiling the sole is done with a block plane and the shape is then refined with sand paper.  The iron will be ground to match the sole of the plane and we will then be doing heat treating and tempering to harden the blade.  Final detailing and sharpening will complete the round.

If time permits, we will proceed to the hollow, using the completed round to profile the sole.  Finish will be discussed also.

Class is $475 per student.    Billets of quarter sawn beech can be provided at $10 each and blade blanks at $22 each. Each three day class runs from 9 am to 5 pm, Thursday through Saturday, with an option to start earlier on the second and third day of classes.  Below is a detailed class description and policies and also a tool list of needed tools.

Class Description Hollow and Rounds

Plane Making Class Tool List

Classes are scheduled for the following dates:

  • April 3-5, 2019   CLASS IS FULL
  • May 23-25, 2019  CLASS IS FULL

To sign up, click here.  A down payment of $150 will be required at the time of sign up to hold your place in the class.  This will be applied toward the total class cost of $475.  This is nonrefundable if canceled less than three weeks before class, as stated in the class description.  Once signed up, a class description with additional information will be sent out via email.

Each student will receive a full scale drawing of the #8 hollow and round planes being made.

The Milkman’s bench.  Each student will have one to use for the duration of the class.

A completed pair of planes.

Hollow and Rounds

Red Rose Reproductions is now making hollow and rounds in small runs by order.   The number corresponds to the radius profile in sixteenths of an inch.  (This works up to #12, then graduates in 1/4″ increments.)  These planes are based on the designs by Old Street Tool, who in turn were influenced by early British moulding planes, with their bold chamfers and coves, taller grip, and round finials.  The tapered irons, made of hardened and tempered O-1 tool steel  are bedded at 50 or 55 degrees.  Overall length is 10″.  Early planes were made of Black Cherry. However, we  have now secured a reliable source of American Beech, and will be making future planes of beech unless requested otherwise.  Sold as a matched pair, they are priced at $425.

Currently we have some available for immediate purchase here.

We run these planes in batches fairly regularly, and would encourage any interested customers to contact us for a request to expedite the order.  We can make any size from #2 to #18, and a choice of 50 or 55 degree bed angles. We can also make left handed planes.  Shown below are some details of the hollow and round planes we produce.

Half set of even number Hollow and Rounds.


Pair of #8 hollow and rounds in beech

Pair of #8 hollow and rounds in American Beech

Detail of toe showing stamping and chamfers

Detail of toe showing stamping and chamfers.

Escapement and ramp.

Escapement and ramp.

Heel of planes showing rounded grip for comfort

Heel of planes showing rounded grip for comfort.  Size is stamped here.

Tight mouth for better tear out control.

Tight mouth for better tear out control.

Wedge fit into plane bosy.

Wedge fit into plane body.

Pairs are matched in size.

Pairs are matched in size.

12 pairs of hollow & rounds

12 pairs of hollow & rounds in black cherry

Three pairs of hollow & rounds

Three pairs of hollow & rounds in Black Cherry.

Progress with Planes, Taking orders.

The hollow and rounds that I have orders for are coming along.  I hope to have them completed in a couple of weeks, and then I will be starting more panel raising planes and spill planes.  Because this business is currently a part time endeavor, progress is slower than I would like.  My hope is that in the future I can devote more time, and perhaps make it a full time venture.  I thank all for their interest and support as I get things rolling.

Hollow & Rounds with irons ready to heat treat

Hollow & Rounds with irons ready to heat treat

Shown here are the 24 hollow and rounds, sizes #4, #6, & #8.  These are sold, but I have more blanks ready to go once I get some other tools made.  If interested, contact me about reserving any.  Sold as a pair, $395.  Probably next year for completion.  Click here for more details about the planes.

Panel Raising Plane with a sample cut.

Panel Raising Plane with a sample cut.

I have a couple of orders for the Panel Raising plane, and I plan to get started next month.  If anyone would like to reserve one, let me know.  Cost is $695.  More information can be found here.

Hollow & Rounds Update


The hollow and rounds are progressing, albeit slowly, as there is fixturing to design and build first.  The wedges have been sized and the finials shaped on all 48 of them.  I also did a trial run of mortises to work out a process and debug any issues before committing to all of the planes.  Next step will be to profile the trial set of planes, one pair of each size.

Fitting the wedge into plane  body

Fitting the wedge into plane body

Planing wedges to final thickness

Planing wedges to final thickness

There are still some of these planes available for anyone interested.  See the previous post here for details.

Hollows & Rounds Coming

I have received numerous requests for hollows and rounds, and have decided to make a small run to see what the the market response would be.  It seems that other makers are running significant backlogs with long wait times.  While I have no desire to try to undercut other makers, it looks as thought there is more demand than supply, and if Red Rose Reproductions can help meet that demand, it will benefit everyone. I have made many of my own moulding planes over the years, including hollow and rounds, so it seems to be a natural direction to go in, although I hope to make many types of planes in the future.

So here is what I am making:  To start with, three of the most used sizes in furniture making, #4, #6, & #8, sold in pairs.  (This equates to 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch radius profiles.)  Until I can secure a reliable source for quarter sawn beech, these will be made of quarter sawn black cherry.  The irons are tapered, and bedded at 55 degrees.  They will be based on the early British planes except for one change; the smaller sizes will have 1/4″ wide tangs on the blades.  This makes them easier to construct, and also gives more strength to the blade tang, and should hold up better to being tapped with a plane hammer to adjust.


Hollow and Round plans with Black Cherry blanks.

Hollow and Round plans with Black Cherry blanks.

This is a small run of eight pairs of each, with two already spoken for.  They are priced at $425 / pair.  If you are interested in reserving any or all sizes in this batch, send me an email.  I am not taking any deposit, but will keep your name on a list for future contact.  First come, first serve.  No obligation to buy when they are finished, but you will lose your place on the list.

After these are complete, I plan to make the next three sizes, probably next year, of  #2, #10, & #12, followed by #14, #16, and #18.  This is your chance to start building a complete half set.  I hope to have these first sizes ready to go by late fall, and will keep all interested updated.

Blanks for Hollow & Rounds

Blanks for Hollow & Rounds