Acer-Ferrous Moxon Vise Kit

Acer-Ferrous Toolworks has introduced a screw kit for making a Moxon style bench top vise. The kit includes two hand screws and matching nuts made of hard maple. The screws are 1 1/2″ in diameter with 4 threads per inch. Overall length is approximately 12″, with 8″ of threaded length and 4″ long handles. The handles are octagonal, and measure 2″ across the flats, which gives plenty of torque for excellent gripping power. The nuts are 1 1/8″ thick and 4″ square.

The customer supplies the material for the jaws. By using 4″ wide stock, the back jaw will be the same height as the nuts, which will enhance the stability of the vise on the bench top. The vise may be clamped to the work bench using bar clamps or holdfasts. The jaws can be custom made to any length needed. We suggest using material at least 1 1/2″ thick to minimize flexing under load. The nuts are simply glued to the back jaw when the vise is assembled, being careful not to get any glue squeeze on the threaded portions. Instructions are included. No finish has been applied. Price is $109 for the pair.

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