A New Publication

It is with great anticipation that I am waiting for a new magazine, published by Joshua Klein to make its debut this coming winter.  Mortise & Tenon, projected to be printed annually, is meant to bring together the  furniture maker,  conservator, and scholar into one publication, sharing the history, construction and preservation of early American furniture.  What will make this magazine stand out of the crowded field of current woodworking publications now available is the singular approach to the subject, with a clean layout uncluttered with ads and well written, thorough  articles. To me, it will be a breath of fresh air to experience a publication of this caliber, and I believe to many others who are hungry for this kind of information that is not available anywhere else.

Joshua has taken the approach of using sponsor partnerships in lieu of advertisers, all of which are selected by their relevancy to the core mission of M&T.  Red Rose Reproductions is pleased and honored to have been selected as a sponsor for the debut issue number one.  Sign up for email updates and pre-order information here.

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