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Spring 2019 Class Schedule

The spring hollow and round making class schedule has been set for the following dates.

  • April 3-5, 2019    CLASS IS FULL
  • May 23-25,2019  CLASS IS FULL

Classes are limited to three students and teach all aspects of side escapement plane making.  Click here for more details about these classes.

To enroll in any of these classes, purchase the down payment of your choice here.

A pair of #8 hollow and rounds

Upcoming class: An Introduction to Hollow & Rounds

With no fences of depth stops, hollow and rounds can seem a bit intimidating to use.  In reality, once the user understands the underlying principles of their use, moldings can be produced with confidence. This class is designed to show the user how to approach making moldings using a rabbet plane and a couple of sizes of hollow and rounds.   Understanding the basic concept and planning the series of cuts needed is the key.  Once understood, this concept can then be applied to any molding design, regardless of the complexity.  In this class we will first cover maintaining a proper cutting edge to ensure top performance of the planes. (This will NOT be a class on restoring old planes; that is a subject far beyond the scope presented here.)  We will then move into working a few basic molding profiles with a single element, and advance from there with more complex profiles using two or more arcs of specific sizes.   Emphasis will be on using #6 and #10 hollow and rounds, although student will have the opportunity to try other sizes.

Class size will be limited to 6 students, for more individual instruction time.  Tuition is $350, plus a material fee of $60, for a total of $410.  I will be providing planes for student use, but those with performing planes are encouraged to bring their own.   Some of the planes will then be available for purchase at the end of class.  Wood for making molding will also be provided, along with sticking boards for each student.

The dates for this class are April 27-28, 2019, from 9 am to 5 pm both days. It will be held at Olde Mill Cabinet Shopppe, located at 1660 Camp Betty Washington Road, York PA 17402.  A map is provided here.  This venue is larger than my own shop and will provide ample room and bench space for everyone.

Required tools include the following:

  • Plane hammer, with a brass and wooden head for adjusting the planes. I have Sterling Tool Works hammers available for sale.
  • Marking gauge.  A wheel type, such as Tite-Mark, is recommended.
  • Circle template.
  • Small square
  • Small bevel gauge.

To sign up, click here.  A down payment of $150 will be required at the time of sign up to hold your place in the class.  This will be applied toward the total class cost of $410.  This is nonrefundable if canceled less than three weeks before class.  Balance of $260 will be due on first day of class.