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Hollows & Rounds Coming

I have received numerous requests for hollows and rounds, and have decided to make a small run to see what the the market response would be.  It seems that other makers are running significant backlogs with long wait times.  While I have no desire to try to undercut other makers, it looks as thought there is more demand than supply, and if Red Rose Reproductions can help meet that demand, it will benefit everyone. I have made many of my own moulding planes over the years, including hollow and rounds, so it seems to be a natural direction to go in, although I hope to make many types of planes in the future.

So here is what I am making:  To start with, three of the most used sizes in furniture making, #4, #6, & #8, sold in pairs.  (This equates to 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch radius profiles.)  Until I can secure a reliable source for quarter sawn beech, these will be made of quarter sawn black cherry.  The irons are tapered, and bedded at 55 degrees.  They will be based on the early British planes except for one change; the smaller sizes will have 1/4″ wide tangs on the blades.  This makes them easier to construct, and also gives more strength to the blade tang, and should hold up better to being tapped with a plane hammer to adjust.


Hollow and Round plans with Black Cherry blanks.

Hollow and Round plans with Black Cherry blanks.

This is a small run of eight pairs of each, with two already spoken for.  They are priced at $425 / pair.  If you are interested in reserving any or all sizes in this batch, send me an email.  I am not taking any deposit, but will keep your name on a list for future contact.  First come, first serve.  No obligation to buy when they are finished, but you will lose your place on the list.

After these are complete, I plan to make the next three sizes, probably next year, of  #2, #10, & #12, followed by #14, #16, and #18.  This is your chance to start building a complete half set.  I hope to have these first sizes ready to go by late fall, and will keep all interested updated.

Blanks for Hollow & Rounds

Blanks for Hollow & Rounds

Spill Plane Plan Kit available now.

For those who wish to make their own spill plane, but lacked both the plans and the ability to manufacture a blade, Red Rose Reproductions now offers a package that supplies everything the user needs to make their own, except for the wood blank.  The full size plans are copies of a hand drawn “C” size (18″x 24″)  print.  This includes the plane body, wedge, and for those interested in making their own, the blade.  Also included are six color photos of various aspects of the plane, and three pages of construction notes intended to help guide the builder through the process. The blade, made of O-1 tool steel, is hardened and sharpened for immediate use.  Nine solid brass screws, used to fasten the left face to the body, round out the kit.  While not step by step instructions, all of the relevant information to build the plane is included.  We suggest intermediate to advanced woodworking skills for this project.  Price for the complete kit with blade is $69, and is available here.

For those who wish to order the plans only, this option is available at check out.  Also, the blades are available separately for those who would like to make  additional planes, although we would suggest building one plane the first time to work through the process.  They make a very unique gift, even to those who are not woodworkers. The spills themselves are fun to give away, and make great mantle decorations. For more information on the spill plane, see the post here.  To order the plans, click here.  For tips on building the spill plane, click here.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

Spill Plane plan kit

International Shipping

Red Rose reproductions is pleased to now have an international shipping option available for those residing outside the United States.  In the check out process, the buyer is able to select their country, and the rest, including shipping and exchange rates, will be calculated automatically.  If anyone experiences problems with this option, please contact us for assistance so we can be sure everything is working properly.  We look forward to expanding our market into new areas and thank you in advance for your support and interest in our products.  It is this interest and input from customers that keeps new product ideas flowing.