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Making a Waist Moulding using a Sticking Board

        The waist moulding between the upper and lower cases of a secretary desk I am building is a simple ovolo, 1″ by 5/8″.  Normally when making a moulding by hand,  the profile is stuck onto a wide board, and then ripped off to the finished size.  However, being at the end of this project,  the only piece available was too narrow, (and also too long at 84″) to be used with the bench dogs.  The solution was to make a sticking board to hold the piece.  It consists of a base board and a fence, both made of a leftover piece of plywood.  A wood screw placed in the base at one end served as a stop to hold the work piece in place.

Waist-Moulding-1The profile was cut, first using a rabbet plane to create the step, then roughed with a block plane.  A number 12 hollow finished the piece.  Note that the moulding overhangs the base of the sticking board to allow the planes room to come over the edge. The best part is there is no sanding needed.


The finished moulding was mitered and installed with glue across the front and the first few inches on the returns,  and nailed with cut brad nails, which is historically accurate.  I find that the miter saw leaves a finish that needs no further working.

The color is a good bit lighter, due to the difference in mahogany, and also the fact that the desk has been completed for some time, and has darkened.  The finish should blend things together.  I hope to show more of this piece in the future.