• More spill planes ready to ship.

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    • Cooper Plane

    • The cooper plane is a small hand plane meant to work concave surfaces, such as the inside of coopered vessels. This plane was designed with input from a cooper who wanted a plane to work the inside surfaces of wooden buckets, but will find applications in other areas also.  With a 3" convex sole, it will smooth and contour curves down to 6" in diameter.  At just 6 1/2" in length and with its low profile design, it fits comfortably in one hand, and can work inside round vessels with ease.  Th
    • The Drawer Bottom Plane

    • Out of stock. More coming late spring 2019. A common method of drawer construction is to plow grooves into the drawer sides and front to capture the drawer bottom, which is then slid in from the back. The drawer bottom plane is a dedicated fixed plow plane to do cut these grooves quickly and easily with minimal set up. It cuts a groove 1/4" wide and 1/4" deep, inset from the edge 1/4". The fence and depth stop are fixed so cuts are consistent and repeatable. This plane employs a steel s
    • Hollow and Round Plans in stock now.

    • We now have full size engineered drawings for the most common hollow and round planes available for purchase. These are copies of hand drawn prints done using traditional drafting techniques. Each size includes all necessary dimensions for constructing your own planes. Sizes available are #4 (1/4" radius), #6 (3/8" radius), #8 (1/2" radius), #10 (5/8" radius), and #12 (3/4" radius). These are not instructions on how to construct these tools. For information on that, We recommend the
    • Spring 2019 Class Schedule

    • The spring hollow and round making class schedule has been set for the following dates. April 3-5, 2019    CLASS IS FULL May 23-25,2019  CLASS IS FULL Classes are limited to three students and teach all aspects of side escapement plane making.  Click here for more details about these classes. To enroll in any of these classes, purchase the down payment of your choice here. A pair of #8 hollow and rounds
    • Upcoming class: An Introduction to Hollow & Rounds

    • With no fences of depth stops, hollow and rounds can seem a bit intimidating to use.  In reality, once the user understands the underlying principles of their use, moldings can be produced with confidence. This class is designed to show the user how to approach making moldings using a rabbet plane and a couple of sizes of hollow and rounds.   Understanding the basic concept and planning the series of cuts needed is the key.  Once understood, this concept can then be applied to any molding de

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