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Our objective at Red Rose Reproductions is the recreation of historic woodworking hand tools, with an emphasis on side escapement molding and specialty planes. Other tools we produce include winding sticks, bench hooks, a portable workbench, and tools made by Acer-Ferrous Toolworks, which include wooden vice screws and the sector. For the plane maker, we stock quarter sawn beech billets, tapered bench plane irons, and full-scale hollow and round plane plans. Also, classes for making a pair of hollow and rounds are offered several times a year.

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Handworks 2020

What is likely the biggest hand tool woodworking show of the year, Handworks 2020, will be held in Amana, Iowa on September 4-5, 2020.  We

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Miter Jack Drawings

Building the miter jack is a fun and challenging project for hand tool enthusiasts. There is a bit of complexity and quite a few individual

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Cutting the square hole in the miter jack wrenches. These will make opening and closing the jaw on the vise faster. The rounded corners of the pocket will remain, as the handle on the screws have faceted corners. Each block will yield two wrenches.
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