• Spill planes again available!

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    • Spill Planes in stock now

    • We have recently finished a large batch of spill planes that are now available in our store.    These planes are made of some unique woods including tiger maple, spalted beech, and spalted maple.  Many of the spalted planes are heavily figured with color variants and black lines.  Also we have plain quarter sawn beech for a more traditional look.  Prices vary from $135 for the plain beech, $145 for the tiger maple and spalted planes, and $155 for highly figured spalted
    • Rabbet Planes in Stock

    • We again have rabbet planes stocked and available for immediate delivery.  These are the first planes to be completed using our own air dried quarter sawn beech lumber, and also the first planes produced here in our new location in Sterling Illinois.  We have planes with and without a boxed corner for increased wear resistance. Sizes range from from 5/8" to 7/8" wide.  More information about our rabbet planes can be found here.  Purchase in our store here. 5/8", 3/4"
    • Sector

    • We have now added the Acer-Ferrous Toolworks Sector to our product line.  This tool was a collaboration between Acer-Ferrous Toolworks and Red Rose Reproductions and has been under development for many months.  Read on to learn how this ancient tool design can be an asset in your shop. The sector is a proportioning tool that, in conjunction with a pair of dividers, can be used to figure various mathematical calculations. It was in use dating from the 16th century into the 19th century
    • Drawer Bottom Planes Back in Stock

    • The drawer bottom plane is again available for immediate delivery.  This is a dedicated plane used to cut the groove in drawer parts to accept the drawer bottom.  More information about this plane can be found here.  Price is $295, and can be purchased here.
    • Cooper Plane

    • The cooper plane is a small hand plane meant to work concave surfaces, such as the inside of coopered vessels. This plane was designed with input from a cooper who wanted a plane to work the inside surfaces of wooden buckets, but will find applications in other areas also.  With a 3" convex sole, it will smooth and contour curves down to 6" in diameter.  At just 6 1/2" in length and with its low profile design, it fits comfortably in one hand, and can work inside round vessels with ease.  Th


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