Hollow and Round Plane Making Classes

This past fall, I taught a couple of classes on making a pair of #8 (1/2″radius) Hollow and Round molding planes as a trial run to see how things would go.  The students all seemed pleased and left with completed of nearly completed planes.  I have decided to proceed with more classes with two scheduled in the spring of 2018.

My shop is small so class is limited to three students per class.  Each is given their own work space and a “Milkman’s” bench to work at. (See photo of the bench below.)   These clamp on benches work beautifully and will hold the planes in any necessary position for the extensive hand work required.  These classes are  taught in a way that the student can go home and make more planes using the same techniques with minimal investment in tools or fixtures.  Emphasis is almost entirely on hand tools with the exception of a drill press to start the mortise and bench grinders to grind the profile onto the irons.  The primary goal is to complete the round in class.  This is then used to shape the hollow.  It may be possible to complete the hollow also, depending on the student and how class progresses.

We will be making the round plane first, starting with the billet and cutting the mouth with a back saw.  The mortise will be sunk in and the wedge fitted.  The iron is then bedded to ensure a good tight fit. Profiling the sole is done with a block plane and the shape is then refined with sand paper.  The iron will be ground to match the sole of the plane and we will then be doing heat treating and tempering to harden the blade.  Final detailing and sharpening will complete the round.

If time permits, we will proceed to the hollow, using the completed round to profile the sole.  Finish will be discussed also.

Class is $475 per student.    Billets of quarter sawn beech can be provided at $10 each and blade blanks at $22 each. Each three day class runs from 9 am to 5 pm, Thursday through Saturday, with an option to start earlier on the second and third day of classes.  Below is a detailed class description and policies and also a tool list of needed tools.

Class Description Hollow and Rounds

Plane Making Class Tool List

Classes are scheduled for the following dates:

  • March 22-24, 2018   This class has been filled.
  • May 10-12, 2018      This class has been filled.

Spring classes are full.  Fall classes will be announced this spring.  Please sign up for our newsletter to receive the fall schedule when available.

To sign up, click here.  A down payment of $150 will be required at the time of sign up to hold your place in the class.  This will be applied toward the total class cost of $475.  This is nonrefundable if canceled less than three weeks before class, as stated in the class description.  Once signed up, a class description with additional information will be sent out via email.

Each student will receive a full scale drawing of the #8 hollow and round planes being made.

The Milkman’s bench.  Each student will have one to use for the duration of the class.

A completed pair of planes.

9 Responses to Hollow and Round Plane Making Classes

  1. Jess Buttery says:

    I recently took this class and was surprised how professional and fun it was. A wonderful workshop environment and very competent one on one instruction. I learned how to use the Milkman’s bench, make all aspects of the two completed planes and even metal working for the blade blanks. Fascinating course that I highly recommend to anyone.

  2. Bruce Schneider says:

    My son-in-law and I greatly enjoyed taking the class together. Not only did we learn a useful skill but also it gave us a memory that we will share and enjoy forever. The class was three days of comradeship, learning and accomplishment. I had a valuable experience plus I finished with a pair of working planes. Thanks again Dan.

  3. Justin Geiman says:

    I took this class in November 2017. I’ve been woodworking for a couple years, but this was my first woodworking class. Dan was a patient and knowledgeable teacher, with a well-equipped shop. The small class size allowed Dan to provide us with lots of individual attention. I had a great time, and walked away from class with a ton of new knowledge and a pair of beautiful planes.

  4. Frank Pelsor says:

    I took the Plane Making Class two weekends ago because I wanted to make a wooden molding plane under the watchful eye of a master. In addition, my hope was that I would gain insight into tuning and working with wooden hand planes and hand planes generally. I was not disappointed.
    Dan is a fantastic teacher. The class was well organized. The class size and shop facilities provided an excellent environment to concentrate on detail. With Dan’s knowledge and help I was able to build a couple of planes that work very well. Now I look for projects to use them as often as I can.

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