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Acer Ferrous Toolworks accessories coming soon

Paul Peters, of Acer Ferrous Toolworks, is developing additional components for the wood screw now available.  The first item is the garter, which is used to attach the wood screw to the chop (movable jaw) of the vice.  This allows the chop to move in conjunction with the hub of the screw when opening the vice.  There is no need to pull the chop open by hand.  The garters are 4″ square, and are split in half to allow for installation around the screw.  Thickness is 3/8″, and will slip into the grove at the base of the screw hub.  Four countersunk screw holes, and supplied screws, are all that is needed for installation.  The garter can be oriented either  square or in a diamond position, as shown.

Acer Ferrous wood vice screw with brass garter and prototype handle.

Garters is available in either solid brass, which can be purchased here, or in aluminum with a black anodized finish, available here.  Both come with matching screws.

Brass Garter with brass screws.


Aluminum garter with black anodize finish and screws.


The second accessory will be a wooden vice handle, with the same octagonal cross section as the head.  Paul is experimenting with different knob shapes and mounting methods.  More details will be posted when they are finalized.