• The cock bead plane in both 1/8" and 3/16"sizes.

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    • Restock of Winding Sticks.

    • We again have winding sticks available in both the 14"and 22" sizes.  This walnut came from a different supplier and some may contain sap wood, which has been steamed.  Steaming reduces the color difference significantly and produces a nice two tone appearance to some of these winding sticks.  Other than that, they are identical to previous batches.  More information can be found here.  Available for purchase in the store.
    • Cock Bead Plane restock, now in two sizes.

    • The cock bead plane has been restocked and is available in both 1/8" and 3/16" bead sizes.  Price for either is $250.  These planes are small, at only 7" long, with an iron bedded at 60 degrees.  Additional information can be found in the blog post here describing the plane in detail, and showing how it is used.   Available for purchase now in the store. https://youtu.be/ugBNXH_Chug
    • Taking orders for the “Milkman’s Workbench”

    • After making several portable workbenches for our plane making classes for use by students, we have received numerous requests for the complete bench by customers. In response to these requests, we are planning to build a production run this spring.  Dubbed the "milkman's workbench" by Chris Schwarz in his Popular Woodworking article in June 2013, this tabletop bench is designed to clamp to any solid surface and is equipped with a full range of clamping options in a compact footprint. Here are
    • Beading planes back in store.

    • Side beads are again back in stock with a new 3/8" size now available.  All planes have been profiled, sharpened, and test cut for a true ready-to-use tool.  Some of these planes display light spalting in the wood.  This does not affect the performance of the plane in any way.  If you do not want any on your plane, let me know at the time of ordering and I will try to accommodate your request. These planes tend to sell quickly and once they are gone, it may be a while before restocking can o
    • The search for beech continues

    • Finding suitable beech for plane making has been an ongoing challenge.  We cut a large amount ourselves that we are air drying, but that will be some time before it will be dried enough to use.  In the meantime, a source of 4" square European beech billets has been located.These are rift sawn, and it takes a good bit of work to get nice quarter sawn billets form them, but the reward is beautiful ray flecking on the quarter sawn faces. (One of the pieces of beech in the photo below shows how it

Recent News

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