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    • Acer Ferrous Toolworks accessories coming soon

    • Paul Peters, of Acer Ferrous Toolworks, is developing additional components for the wood screw now available.  The first item is the garter, which is used to attach the wood screw to the chop (movable jaw) of the vice.  This allows the chop to move in conjunction with the hub of the screw when opening the vice.  There is no need to pull the chop open by hand.  The garters are 4" square, and are split in half to allow for installation around the screw.  Thickness is 3/8", and will slip into
    • Spill Planes again in the Store

    • The current run of spill planes is now available for purchase in our store.  There are three wood options;  American Beech, Black Cherry, and Maple, with some light figure and/or spalting.  All are priced at $135, plus shipping. For more details about the spill plane, click here. Spill planes in Beech, Cherry, and Spalted Maple Spill Plane in black cherry. Spill Plane in American Beech Spill Plane in Spalted Maple
    • Spill Plane Update

    • Currently, the spill plane is out of stock.  The next batch is under way, and we hope to have them completed by mid November, and back in the store at that time.  These will be available in American Beech, Black Cherry, and Maple, which has some spalting and curly grain. Anyone wishing to reserve a plane can do so by contacting us.  Payment will be due upon completion. Here are a few progress photos: Spill Planes with wedges cut and ready for bedding of the irons. Flattening
    • Acer-Ferrous Toolworks wooden vice screws

    • Acer-Ferrous Toolworks was started by a young man, Paul Peters, whom I have been mentoring in woodworking since he was a boy.  Paul recently graduated from a trade school as a machinist, and decided to combine his two interests, woodworking and metalworking, into a business venture.  He purchased a 1910 Monarch lathe, and made his own tooling to produce wood vice screws.  His first product, a leg vice screw and nut, is shown below. The 2 1/2" diameter, 2 threads per inch screw is made of h
    • Building a Spill Plane

    • We thought it would be helpful to detail a bit the process for making a spill plane here for those who may have purchased the Plan Kit and would like to learn more about the process.  Begin with a billet of a hard, quarter sawn, close grained wood.  Beech, Cherry,  Birch, and Maple are all good choices.  Avoid soft woods, as they will not hold up well to wear.  Also, open grained woods should be avoided because they are not a uniform hardness throughout.  The billet should squared up and s

Recent News

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