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    • Beech Billets for Plane Making

    • Jack Plane BilletIn the past, the preferred wood for making wood bodied planes has been American Beech. (Fagus grandifolia)  Beech has the qualities sought after for plane making, with the right combination of hardness, a tight grain, good wear characteristics,  and the ability to quickly acclimate to its environment.  Old Street Tool has a good article that goes into depth about beech as a plane making wood here. The big challenge is finding beech in any form, let alone quarter sawn thick stock.  I have
    • Panel Raisers back in stock

    • VLUU L200  / Samsung L200We currently have several panel raising planes in stock in our store.  They are listed individually to show the variations in wood grain and spalting.  Also, one of these planes is designed to be used on stock that is 15/16" thick. This would be appropriate for frames that are 1" thick or more.  The reveal is the same at 1", with a total profile that is 1 3/8" wide, with 3/8" being the tang that fits into the stiles and rails.  Price is $595.  For more information, visit the panel raiser po
    • Panel Raisers Coming Along

    • VLUU L200  / Samsung L200The panel raising planes are in progress, with the mouths of the bodies all cut out and the wedges fitted.  This is perhaps the most time consuming operations of making these planes.  While there is still a lot of work to be done, these are off to a strong start.  This is the beech that I traveled to Indiana for in January, and I am pleased with it.  There is a fair amount of spalting present, but it is not punky or soft, and I am able to limit it to the tops of the bodies.  This ensures th
    • Panel Raising Planes under way

    • VLUU L200  / Samsung L200After a longer delay than I liked, the panel raiser planes are getting started.  It took a while to track down appropriate wood for these planes.  Finding 12/4 quarter sawn American Beech is a challenge, but I now have enough to make several batches of these planes. I am also making several changes from the original design that I feel will be an improvement to their performance and comfort.  The blades will be 5/32" thick, up from 1/8".  The bed angle is increasing to 45 degrees, from 40 deg
    • Sterling Tool Works plane hammer available here

    • VLUU L200  / Samsung L200Sterling Tool Works makes perhaps the finest plane adjusting hammer available today, and Red Rose Reproductions is pleased to offer this fine tool in our store.  This is a tool meant to adjust the set of the iron and set the wedge in a traditional wooden plane, such as the planes made by Red Rose.  The brass head is used to tap the iron, and the wooden head to set the wedge.  This will minimize damage to the plane as would occur when using a steel hammer.  The wooden "spud" is threaded in p

Recent News