• Match planes now available!

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    • One pair of 3/8″ match planes available

    • We currently have one pair of 3/8" match planes back in stock, along with several of the 1/2" size.  These planes are used in pairs to create the tongue and groove joint, and the small sizes are well suited to furniture elements.  One plane cuts the tongue, and the other the groove.  More information can be found here.
    • Side bead planes back in stock

    • Another batch of side bead planes is now available in the store for immediate delivery.  Sizes include 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8".  These planes came from several boards of exceptional quality beech, all dead quarter sawn and displaying prominent medullary rays. The tree was a large diameter making the grain quite straight, and in most planes, showing the quartered grain on both sides.  Planes are bedded at 55 degrees and are boxed with persimmon.  More information about side beads can be f
    • Hollow and Rounds in stock

    • Currently we have several pairs of hollow and rounds in our store.  These are tuned and ready to go out of the box.  All are beech and bedded at 55 degrees.  Sizes available as of this post are #4 and #8.  This corresponds to radius sizes of 1/4" and 1/2". (The number of the plane is its radius in sixteenths of an inch.)  More information about our hollow and rounds can be found here.   Planes available for immediate purchase can be found in our store. Of course, we can make any size f
    • Match Planes (tongue and groove)

    • Match planes, or tongue and groove planes, are made in pairs with one plane cutting the groove and the other the tongue for making the tongue and groove joint.  Both planes are fenced and the work pieces, when referenced from the same stock face, will line up flush when when put together.  The tongue plane is a standard side escapement plane and employs an iron with a slot in it the width of the finished tongue. The groove plane however is actually a type of fixed plow plane with a metal keel.
    • Rabbet Plane

    • Currently out of stock.  More expected late 2018. We are taking orders now. Rabbet, or rebate planes, are used to cut rabbets along the edge or a board, often as a precursor to using hollow and rounds. While still considered a side escapement plane, they do differ from most other molding planes with the design of the escapement.  Because the iron extents across the entire sole of the plane, the escapement is conical and also through the entire plane, and will help direct the shavings out th

Recent News

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