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    • Side Bead Planes now in Store

    • We currently have a restock of improved side bead planes in the store.  These are available in bead sizes of 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4".  It should be mentioned that our sizing is a measurement of the bead itself, and that the actual profile, including the quirk, is about 1/32" wider than the bead size.  Thus the 1/8 is 5/32" wide, the 3/16 is 7/32", and the 1/4 is 9/32".  More information about the side beads can be found here. From left 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4"
    • Taking Orders for Side Beads

    • We are currently taking orders for side bead planes, the construction of which are now under way.  These will be offered in three sizes:  1/8", 3/16". and 1/4".  Constructed of quarter sawn American Beech, with tapered O-1 tool steel irons, each plane is sharpened and test cut, and is ready to go right out of the box.  Expected delivery will be approximately the end of April.  Price is $275 each, plus shipping.  If interested, contact us and we will reserve any sizes you wish.  Payment w
    • The Cock Bead Plane

    • The cock bead plane is used to cut cock beading for drawer surrounds, either stuck onto the case sides of applied to rabbets cut into the drawer fronts.  Often found on period furniture, it provides both a visual detail to the drawer as well as protection to  veneered fronts, since the bead covers the edges of the drawer.  The cock bead differs from a side bead in a couple of ways:  There is no fence or depth stop, and the plane will also cut a fillet next to the bead, which is necessary whe
    • Newsletter now available

    • As a means to inform customers of upcoming products and offers, we are now offering the Red Rose Reproductions Newsletter.  This newsletter will be an occasional occurrence, only issued when there is news about soon to be offered tools, and will not clutter your inbox with junk.  It is designed to give you, a valued subscriber, a first chance to reserve a copy of sometimes limited tools.  Sign up now to be one of the first to know what is coming! Below is a screenshot of part of the first
    • Acer Ferrous Toolworks accessories coming soon

    • Paul Peters, of Acer Ferrous Toolworks, is developing additional components for the wood screw now available.  The first item is the garter, which is used to attach the wood screw to the chop (movable jaw) of the vice.  This allows the chop to move in conjunction with the hub of the screw when opening the vice.  There is no need to pull the chop open by hand.  The garters are 4" square, and are split in half to allow for installation around the screw.  Thickness is 3/8", and will slip into

Recent News

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