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    • Cap Irons now available.

    • We are pleased to now offer cap irons to our line of tools.  Cap irons, or chip breakers, when used in conjunction with a cutting iron, are meant to control tear out in double iron planes. By setting the leading edge very close to the cutting edge, the shaving is forced into a tight curl that breaks the fibers before they can lift in front of the cutter, which is the primary cause of tear out. We worked with contemporary double iron plane maker Steve Voigt, of Voigt Planes, when developing t
    • Beech Billets again in stock

    • After a rather lengthy delay, we have been able to restock the large bench plane billets for making smooth, jack, and try planes.  This wood has been dried the same way as the previous beech, and the only difference id there is heart wood present on some billets.  This is only a cosmetic difference, with the sap wood being a much more brown in color.  The characteristics of the wood remain the same. Wedge stock comes with all sizes, and tote stock with the try and jack billets.  More inform
    • Tapered Bench Plane Irons

    • We are pleased to now offer tapered plane irons to those who wish to build a wooden bench plane.  Input for these iron designs came from two contemporary plane makers:  Steve Voigt of Voigt Planes, and Darryl Gent, who is on Instagram.  These two makers shared their experience and insights about irons, and, in particular, double iron plane making. Both  These irons are made of O-1 tool steel, and have the same 1/2° taper as the molding plane irons we use in molding planes.  We start wit
    • Winding Sticks; Now in two sizes.

    • Winding sticks, 14" in front, 22" in rear Winding sticks are again back in stock.  The standard 14" size is still available, along with a longer 22" version.  The added length can be beneficial with use on wide boards, or tasks such as flattening a bench top. The 22" length means they will fit inside any tool chest sized for a #7 jointer plane, which are also 22" in length, The 14" sticks are more compact, and work best on narrower stock as they are easier to manipulate and are more sta
    • Acer-Ferrous Moxon Vice Kit

    • Acer-Ferrous Toolworks has introduced a screw kit for making a Moxon style bench top vice.  The kit includes two hand screws and matching nuts made of hard maple.  The screws are 1  1/2"  in diameter with 4 threads per inch.  Overall length is approximately 12", with 8" of threaded length and 4" long handles.  The handles are octagonal, and measure 2" across the flats, which gives plenty of torque for excellent gripping power.  The nuts are 1 1/2" thick and 4" square. The customer supp

Recent News

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