• Side beads again in stock, in four sizes.

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    • Limited Run Leg Vice Screws

    • We currently have a limited number of Acer-Ferrous leg vice screws with black cherry and mahogany hubs.  Also, the tiger maple hub screws have been restocked.  All hubs are made from a single piece of wood and feature the same maple screw and nut as all other Acer-Ferrous screws.  It is doubtful there will be a repeat with the mahogany hubs, as these are genuine mahogany and this stock is not readily available in this thickness.  More information about the leg vice screws can be found here.
    • Gift Certificates now Available!

    • We are pleased to now offer gift certificates for any of the products in our store!  These digital gift certificates are purchased directly from our home page, or below in this post, and can be made out for any amount of $25 or greater.  Customers are able to email the gifted certificate directly to the recipient or to themselves, and can select a specific date/time for delivery, such as a birthday or holiday.  It can also be printed if so desired, and given in a traditional way.  Redeeming
    • Spill Planes again in stock

    • We have completed another run of spill planes and they are again available in our store.  This batch has several wood species including tiger maple, strongly spalted maple, light spalted maple, European beech, and black cherry.  All planes are sharp and ready to use right out of the box, and have been test cut with the spills included.  These are priced at $135 for the beech, cherry, and maple, and $145 for the figured and strongly spalted maple planes.   To learn more about the spill plane
    • One pair of 3/8″ match planes available

    • We currently have one pair of 3/8" match planes back in stock, along with several of the 1/2" size.  These planes are used in pairs to create the tongue and groove joint, and the small sizes are well suited to furniture elements.  One plane cuts the tongue, and the other the groove.  More information can be found here.
    • Side bead planes back in stock

    • Another batch of side bead planes is now available in the store for immediate delivery.  Sizes include 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", and 3/8".  These planes came from several boards of exceptional quality beech, all dead quarter sawn and displaying prominent medullary rays. The tree was a large diameter making the grain quite straight, and in most planes, showing the quartered grain on both sides.  Planes are bedded at 55 degrees and are boxed with persimmon.  More information about side beads can be f

Recent News

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